Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent purchases :)


Today I want to present a few of my recent purchases.
All of them were bought in Europe (in Poland to be exact), because that's where I study. ;)
Here we go!

Item #1
I got this top/T-shirt at Zara. It was on sale :D I payed around 40zł, which is approximately 14 US dollars.
I really like the color, I was actually looking for something like this. I think it will look nice with the following skirt (item#2). I was a bit concerned about the top's length, it is much too long to wear with jeans, at least for me, luckily my mom agreed to shorten it a bit :) Thanks mom! I also fell in love with the bow, it's adorable! (forgot to take a closer shot of the bow, I'll do it with an OOTD sometime).

Item #2
A skirt from Cubus. Payed 40zł, and yes, it was on sale.

Maybe it's not the best quality ever, but perfect for this summer! I really really like blue clothes, pretty much in any shades of blue, beginning with pastel blue, sky blue, royal blue, blah blah blah and ending with navy blue. Gimme anything that's blue and I'll wear it. (I'm blue da beh dee da beh da...)

Item #3
Another skirt! This one is from Reserved, it cost me 80zł ($28), and it was not on sale! :o

I love this skirt. I wear it all the time! I am not sure if you're able to appreciate it's pattern. It has thin white and gray stripes running down. (Again, I will make sure this is visible when I make and OOTD with it). It came with the belt, which is pretty crappy, but I don't really care as for now, maybe I'll find a nice replacement for it one day.

Okay, that is it for now. More posts coming up! :)


  1. tunika ładna :)

  2. Love the blue skirt!

    Helen, X


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