Saturday, September 3, 2011

I love dollar stores. ;)

It is quite interesting how much great stuff I am able to find at dollar stores. Whenever I drive by one, i step in for 10 minutes to check out the cosmetics section. It's always loaded with crappy brands stuff, which i usually don't waste my money on, however, from time to time I can find some amazing drug store eye-shadows (Maybelline, Loreal...), lipstics (two of my fauvorite lipstics are from there - one is made by Almay, the other Sally Hansen), lipgloss, blush, bronzer, eyeliner and more. Here are some examples of what i got recently.

Item #1 and Item #2

I was very excited to find those two babies. They are small body mists, perfect for freshing up during the day and just the right size to carry in a bag. The green one - Dove go fresh body mist cucumber and green tea scent - $1.00! (i saw the same exact one at Target the other day for $3.69 or something along those lines). It smells great, makes you feel fresh and crispy. I plan to give this one to my cousin. The gold/lilac one - Degree Fine fragrance in Sexy Intrigue - $1.00! (also saw it at Target, similar price). Keeping that one for myself. I love the sexy smell. It's definitely not as refreshing as the cucumber one, but I think it will work for a situation like this: you plan to have dinner with some friends in the evening, yet you have a long day at school/work/university and no time to go back home and freshen up and your bag is already heavy enough do you don't want to put a big glassy and heavy bottle of perfume in it. Well, here's the solution - just take a nicely smelling body mist in a plastic bottle - small and light!

Item #3

Eye shadow - I never seem to get enough of it, especially if costs a dollar! Here you have a nice duo, beige plus brown, from N.Y.C. I am sure the quality is not the greatest, but for a drug store brand it's satisfactory (that's from previous experience as I haven't opened that one obviously as I intend it to be a part of a gift for my cousin). Price: $1.00

Item #4

Another eye shadow, this time blue plus navy, I got it thinking about one of my friends who actually likes and rocks blue shadows, I sadly don't. I do plan to experience more with color on my eyes. I am quite bored of using different shades of brown day after day. I need a revolution! However, until then the N.Y.C. eye shadow that you see below will find a loving home at my friend's bathroom (or whenever she keeps her makeup). Price: $1.00

(Please excuse the quality of the photo, it was way too blurry without the flash, and if I used flash it reflected from the packaging making the image too bright. I obviously didn't want to unpack it as it is to be a gift...)

That is all for today. More posts coming up. Have a good day!

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