Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crazy about shoes!

Sooo, I kinda bought four pairs of shoes lately, yeah... I love shoes! especially when they're on sale! ;)
Here they come!!! Weee!!!

1st pair :)

Nine West shoes that I got at Marshalls. I absolutely adore these. They're my new babies. I was super happy to find them, since that print is totally in this fall. They seem quite comfortable, but I haven't worn them out yet, just around the house.
Price $10.00 (!) (something like 29zł)

2nd pair :)

Also purchased at Marshalls, also for $10.00! (yeah!)
Brand: Jollypop
I am very happy with those shoes. I kinda dreamed of buying a pair like those since they keep appearing on fashion blogs, and different fashion web stores, but I can't really afford paying more than 30 dollars for shoes right now, and only if I really need them. Well, you can imagine my enthusiasm when I found a pair for ten bucks! Yeah!
I actually wore these to my cousins 10 year wedding anniversary party last Sunday and I have to say - no blisters! and I wore them all day! 11:00am till 10:00pm aka all day! Pretty amazing if you ask me.
Here they are.

3rd pair

These I got at JCPenny. Nothigh special, just a pair of comfortable cute shoes for an ordinary day.
Price: $13.99

4th pair

These come from a thrift store. I popped in one day and found these cute shoes, new (they still had a tag on), and so I bought them. I really needed new flats since two of my favorite ones that I wore for something like 2 years are completely destroyed :( I like the color.
Price: $4.00 ;)

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  1. Pierwsze najlepsze, szczególnie z tą ceną ;)

  2. pretty shoes, check me out and give me your impressions

  3. every lady should own a pair of leopard heels and espadrille flats are sooo comfy, I love them!


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